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PierPASS Increase at Los Ageles & Long Beach Ports

Traffic Mitigation Fees will increase on August 1 2015 to $69.17 per 20 foot container and $138.34 per 40 foot container.

Seafood and Perishables - We're the FDA Experts

If you import seafood dairy food products or alcohol talk to us! We clear seafood and perishables of all kinds seven days a week. We work with local cold storage warehouses and truckers to ensure your product is transferred to proper storage as quickly as possible after arrival. Our internal control programs ensure that all FDA entries subject to the Bioterrorism Act (BTA) Prior Notice requirements are pre-filed far in advance of the regulatory requirements.

We'll Guide You Through the Customs Entry Process

Headquartered in Los Angeles California we began in 1996 with a single client and a plan to master the most difficult entries and commodities. We have gained considerable experience in handling complex issues with FDA and USDA regulated foodstuffs BATF for alcohol and tobacco Foreign Trade Zone entries and the Quota Pre-Processing Test Program for textile importers to mention a few.

Import Programs You Design

If you want personalized reports custom procedures tailored to your specifications you have come to the right place. We think we do that better than anyone else. We listen present ideas and suggestions and modify them until the program is exactly what the client wants. We have invested heavily in technology and are proud of our state of the art hardware and software systems - the very backbone of our company. From fresh seafood to live dogs commercial aircraft and almost everything in between we have the expertise to research and guide you through the complex Customs entry process.

Your Single Source for Customs Clearance Answers

An experienced professional, not an entry-level clerk, will handle your Customs entries. No matter what the issue is, your point of contact will know what resources to call upon to get you the answer you need. The small to mid-size importer now has a single source to turn to for Customs clearance and any questions that arise from the entry process.

Check out the rest of our site for valuable information on importing into the U.S. and other special services we provide. You'll also find Forms and links to helpful Government sites to further your own research.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you find it informative and look forward to working with you in the near future.

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