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About Gene Mack, a Licensed Customs Broker

We are all about EXTREME Service.

We have a lot of experience handling a wide variety of commodities and we do a great job for our clients in this area. Where we really stand out against the competition is in what we call EXTREME SERVICE. Here is an example of Extreme Service; one Friday afternoon we were called to handle the importation of three live baby tiger cubs arriving from Mexico on a private Gulfstream at LAX Saturday morning. These tigers were destined for a show in Las Vegas. We immediately discovered that the aircraft operator did not have an International Carriers bond, required to unlade cargo in the U.S. With the cooperation of U.S. Customs, we were able to put that bond in place within a few hours.

We arranged for U.S. Customs Officers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Inspectors to be present. At that time we discovered the CITES certificates for these tigers had not been processed in Washington. We switched into high gear and got this issue resolved with Fish & Wildlife headquarters. Next, it was discovered that in addition to the crew, there were foreign nationals on board the plane. We contacted Immigration authorities and arranged to have them present when the aircraft arrived so as not to delay the onward flight to Las Vegas. When the aircraft landed, we had everything in place for a smooth transition through all agency clearances. Needless to say, the client was very pleased and uses our services to this day.

When we go onsite for special projects like this, we are fully armed with everything needed; cell phones, laptops with wireless broadband for connection to our servers and Customs computers in Washington as well as instant messaging among our staff. And we don't forget the checkbook either. We take care of the financial end of things to ensure the smoothest possible experience for our clients. We work in the background quietly handling all the details busy, and often famous, people prefer not to. Our referral business on this extreme service level keeps on growing.

EXTREME SERVICE - it's what we're all about!

We are the exclusive Customs Broker for the California K-9 Academy in Burbank, California, provider of the world's finest protection trained German shepherd dogs. If you have an interest in acquiring a dog of any kind or perhaps a question about your own dog, click on the link below and take a tour of the California K-9 website.

(Click here for the California K-9 website)

Here is a list of just some of the many commodities that we regularly handle. There are not too many things we have not tackled, so if you do not see yours - just ask us! (click here):

  1. Seafood - all types fresh and frozen
  2. Cigarettes and tobacco products
  3. Perishable fruits and vegetables
  4. Perishable cheeses, yogurts and puddings
  5. Wine and other alcoholic beverages
  6. Footwear of all types
  7. Steel and aluminum products
  8. Eyeglasses and frames including OSHA approved
  9. Plumbing products
  10. Textiles & garments of every imaginable kind
  11. Carpets (Persian and other)
  12. Furniture - general and high end exclusive
  13. Stuffed and riding toys of all kinds, including scooters and skateboards
  14. Chemicals, activated carbon and copy paper
  15. Personal effects for international movers
  16. Medical and dental supplies and monitoring equipment
  17. CD and DVD replicating machinery and injection molders
  1. Machinery and parts of all types
  2. Golf clubs, bags and parts
  3. Artwork and antiques
  4. Cellular phones and pagers
  5. Electronic equipment, components, apparatus and parts
  6. Herbal dietary supplements
  7. Touring band equipment on Carnets
  8. Pearls, precious metals, jewelry, ceramics and handbags
  9. Aircraft, aircraft simulators, jet engine and various aircraft parts
  10. Wood moldings and flooring
  11. CD and DVD cases for the retail industry
  12. Mail entries
  13. Foreign Trade Zone entries
  14. Remote Location File entries
  15. Live animals
  16. Passenger clearances
  17. Electronics, LCD & Plasma televisions, monitors, peripherals and parts
Contact us today and see how we can help you! (click here)

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