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Why bring my Customs Brokerage In-house?

If you spend more than $200,000 per year in brokerage entry fees, you may have been thinking about hiring your own broker to reduce cost. I would caution you to be aware that putting a licensed broker on your staff does not alleviate you of any responsibilities or liabilities should the broker not perform or make a mistake. If you hire a licensed broker, who will supervise that person to make sure they are not getting your company into trouble with Customs? Will that person know just what he or she is supposed to be doing and if it is within the regulations? If not they could cause, intentionally or not, a substantial penalty to be levied against your company.

That's where we come in and offer a solid solution; we have the expertise, ability and, as a vendor, liability to you our client, to make sure everything we are doing is done within the guidelines set out by the Customs Regulations. And we are very good at executing this. Our alternative is simple; we will put our skilled and experienced staff in your office, with our own equipment, so there is no capital investment required on your part. We'll do the job for you. The only things we'll need from you to accommodate us is to provide the necessary office space (we have all our own furniture, PCs, printers, scanners and faxes, phone system, etc) and a T1 or above internet connection with two static IP addresses. The only other thing we may discuss is the location of your records. We are open to consider keeping them onsite at your facility provided they are able to be kept in a locked, limited access and secure location.

Just how much can we save you? Potentially a lot, but that is a question that can only be answered once we understand your specific needs, volume of imports, etc., however, I can tell you we are working with a client that will realize savings of more than $9000 per month when our program starts early next year. In addition, their customer service will be dramatically improved through our tailored information sharing/transfer capabilities, resulting in satisfied customers and more sales! Will you be the next to join them? If you are interested in exploring whether in-house Customs Brokerage is right for your company, contact me directly by email at, or you may call the main office at 714-447-0371. If I am not in the office, my cell phone is 310-863-3056. I look forward to discussing how we can help streamline your brokerage needs and improve your bottom line.

Meantime we remain,
At your service!
Gene Mack, Licensed Customs Broker

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