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Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are areas legally outside the Customs territory of the United States. Their purpose is to attract and promote international trade and commerce, in part, by deferring the payment of duties and taxes until merchandise is withdrawn. In Los Angeles and Las Vegas we work with several FTZs within minutes of our offices.

Use a Foreign Trade Zone instead of Bonded Warehousing

Save Money - Deliver faster!

FTZ WEEKLY ENTRY PROGRAM - beat your competition with this outstanding program - ship same day and pay duty only on what you ship! No more "tax paid" inventory to keep on hand to fill customer orders. We'll show you how!

Weekly Entry Savings

Once Customs approves an Importer to use the Weekly Entry program, we consolidate their Customs entries in the Zone to one per week. This is a blanket release to ship up to the entered quantity during the entire week. It has the effect of turning your inventory into "domestic' merchandise for your sales force. Your ability to ship same day to your customer is limited only by the physical capabilities of the FTZ.

Our clients utilizing the FTZ Weekly Entry Program deliver faster and at lower cost than their competition.

Weekly Entry allows for significant savings in the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF). Here is an example of an importer with an average of only only five (5) withdrawals per week:

Example of Weekly Entry Savings:

250 entries per year at $485 MPF each (not utilizing FTZ): $ 121,250
52 entries per year at $485 MPF each (using FTZ): $ 25,220
Annual FTZ weekly entry savings: $ 96,030

FTZ Duty Deferral Savings Example

Our clients on the FTZ Weekly Entry Program have realized improved cash flow while providing faster response to customers' needs.

Article Description: Golf Clubs
Annual Dollar Volume: $ 10,000,000
Duty Rate:   5%
Annual Duty Liability: $ 500,000
Cost of Money (estimate)   10%
Annual Savings if Article does not enter US: $ 50,000
÷ 365 days per year: $ 137
Average number of days article remains in inventory:   90
FTZ Savings on article through duty deferral: $ 12,330

Want to learn more?

Read what one of our customers has to say about the Foreign Trade Zone Weekly Entry Program!

For more information on the Foreign Trade Zone Weekly Entry Program click here.

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