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Testimonials on our
Customs Broker Service

A number of our customers have graciously taken the time to write, thanking us for our help. We've posted a few of them here for your reading pleasure.

From: D.H.R.
August 29, 2003 — Gene Mack worked with [our] Tobacco Company for three years, giving us dedicated and conscientious customer service. During that time, he provided courteous and detail-oriented communication. His interaction with us offered a balanced flow of information; he presented us with pertinent points without burdening us with too much. [click to read entire letter]

From: D.L.P.
Managing Director
[Our] initial contact with Gene Mack's Brokerage firm came by chance. He was serving as the Licensed CHB for one of our Freight Forwarders and we were coordinating our shipments from the Far East through our Forwarder's office in Los Angeles. As our volume of business increased and the number of Import shipments grew, we streamlined the process and sent all the traffic directly through Gene's capable hands. [click to read entire letter]

From: L. P.
General Warehouse Manager
With great appreciation and in consideration of your support and business ethics I would like to congratulate you for your expertise in handling our import operations. Your immediate attention in filing necessary documents with Customs and F.D.A. are certainly appreciated and timely to release product when it arrives in Los Angeles. [click to read entire letter]

From: Sally W. Stollenwerk, Sales Analyst, Orion Corporation
Our company had the need to purchase some component parts from a supplier in Germany. We were not familiar with the correct classification and therefore, were assessed a significant amount of duty that we did not expect. When we realized this, Gene Mack was able to research this and advised us on what needed to be done in order to file a dispute. While there was no guarantee of any duty reduction, based on the information provided by Gene, we were successful in having the goods reclassified which did, in fact, result in a reduction of the duty charges. If we have any questions in the future regarding issues with customs, we certainly will contact Gene Mack.

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