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August 29, 2003
To Whom It May Concern

Gene Mack worked with Carolina Tobacco Company for three years, giving us dedicated and conscientious customer service. During that time, he provided courteous and detail-oriented communication. His interaction with us offered a balanced flow of information; he presented us with pertinent points without burdening us with too much.

We found Gene to be a great resource for information on customs regulations. He combined that knowledge with the needs of the customer to reach optimum solutions. His continued willingness to research and problem-solve was most helpful to us.

Another helpful aspect of Gene's service was his awareness of financial impacts, and his attempts to keeps costs reasonable. One example was his initiation of a "U.S. Customs Weekly Estimated Draw Program" for us, eliminating estimates on taxes and allowing us to pay taxes based on the actual quantity of the product tax paid for during a given week. This helped improve cash flow for the entire operation. Gene was the first person on the United States to utilize this process in our industry, and was the driving force interfacing with U.S. Customs Los Angeles Office to complete the landmark project.

In fact, Gene Mack had very proactive involvement in the total process of importing our company's product. He monitored product quantities coming from our shipping company, and notified us when sales approached our estimate so that we could adjust for the increase. Both operationally and financially, he worked constantly to make the program work for our company.

When we needed to relocate our logistics, Gene wrote us a lovely note wishing us well and inviting us back any time our business should return to the West Coast. He also graciously complimented the new contact we would be working with.

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