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[Our] initial contact with Gene Mack's Brokerage firm came by chance. He was serving as the Licensed CHB for one of our Freight Forwarders and we were coordinating our shipments from the Far East through our Forwarder's office in Los Angeles. As our volume of business increased and the number of Import shipments grew, we streamlined the process and sent all the traffic directly through Gene's capable hands.

That was about 6 years ago and we have never had second thoughts about our decision.

Gene and his staff have continually provided us with outstanding service and the vast majority of our shipments have proceeded through the Port of Long Beach smoothly and in a timely fashion. From time to time, "stuff" happens — that is the reality of any business. However, we have never had a shipment on which the Customs release was seriously delayed, or on which we incurred any excess charges, as a result of an error made by Gene's company. We have been more than satisfied with the way Gene and his staff have handled the occasional hiccup endemic to the Import business.

As far as Rates are concerned, we will only say this: you get what you pay for. In our opinion, the value received is as superior as the service provided. We would gladly recommend Gene and his organization to any company in need of a first rate Customs Broker in the Los Angeles area.

Managing Director

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