We define complex commodities as those requiring approval and release by any of the 42 Partner Government Agencies such as the FDA, USDA, and Fish and Wildlife to name a few. Although we handle general commodities such as machinery and tools, the majority of our work is in the area of complex commodities.

Our work involves research and a clear understanding of the commercial details of the transaction and examination of the documents for proper classification for duty assessment and compliance with U.S. Custom law and any of those 42 partner government agencies mentioned above that may have a regulatory interest in what is being imported. All shipments are subject to detention and examination by Customs and a large part of our job is working with you, the importer, to maximize the quality, completeness, and accuracy of the commercial documents to minimize the targeting risk and frequency of exams. As the Importer of Record, you are responsible for any and all costs incurred in making your shipments available for Customs examination. These can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars not including demurrage charges or additional procedures from the partner regulatory agency that issued the hold.

Some of the products that fall into this definition are human and animal food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, toys for children, and radiation emitting devices to name a few.

If you are currently or planning to import anything that might be regulated by a Partner Government Agency, we can help you and you should contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.